Traveling with Pockity

Mar 28, 2023

A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to travel internationally, for the first time since the pandemic, and this was a great way to test Pockity when traveling to a different country, with a different viable currency.

The Setup

I was traveling to Singapore, whose currency is the Singaporean Dollar (SGD). Creating a new ledger with a custom, supported currency, is very straight forward in Pockity.

Pockity Ledger Interface

The ledger currency is used throughout the app for it, including transactions and widgets for that ledger.

With the setup, I proceeded to add my Forex Card as an account, leaving the initial balance as $0.00

Followed by a reimbursement transaction when I reloaded my prepaid card.

Accounts and Transfers

From here onwards, all transactions happening in this ledger would debit this account, giving me a real-time indicator of my available balance.

The Travel

With everything setup, I was ready to step out and shop, eat and drink and savour the views Singapore had to offer me. First things first, a visit the iconic Apple Store by the Bay:

Apple Store, Singapore

Well, it looks better by sunset, but more on that later.

As I made my way through the city state, hunger set in. A quick thing to remember about Singapore’s Hawker Centers, they prefer cash over digital payments.

Cash Account Balance Update

A quick withdrawal from the ATM, and its associated transfer transaction, I’ll now have an exact idea of the cash I have in my pockets without fiddling through my pockets.

Cash Account Balance Update

After a long day spent exploring Singapore, back at the hotel I realised that not being able to view my total expense over the interval of a day was missing from the app. I worked it out in an update and was ready for the next day.

Towards the end of my travel, at the airport, I did not want to top-up my Forex card again. I instead opted to spend using my Credit Cards. These transactions were all entered in my Primary ledger, using the custom currency feature.

Forex rates for that day were applied automatically, and I was well on my way.

Successfully Landed

Just 3 days later, I released Pockity, publicly, on the App Store. The initial response has been great and I appreciate your feedback thus far.

Triaging my expenses from this trip became ridiculously simple, and my accountant is happy with the CSV export built-in to the app.

With a few more simple, small, additions to the app, it’s become more travel friendly. These changes and updates will become available in the v2023.4 update along with a feature I’ve long been wanting to use myself.

Sunset Island

And as promised earlier, here’s a shot of the Apple Store at sunset. Gorgeous!

Apple Store, at Sunset, Singapore