v2023.4 Release Notes

Apr 1, 2023

This build contains new features, improvements and lots of bug fixes.

I appreciate if you could take a moment to review the App on the App Store.


  • Shared Ledgers: You can now share your ledgers with your friends, parents and spouse. You can configure permissions on each shared ledger. You can read more about Shared Ledgers in its own post.

  • Shows total expense amount for the day in the entries list (configurable under settings)

  • Shows Category budget at the top of an expense entry with real-time expense calculations


  • Ledger details now shows total income and expense for the selected date interval

  • Currency rows throughout the app and now tappable to view a searchable list of currencies

  • Currency list now always shows the search bar

  • Currency list items are now tappable anywhere


  • Fixed changing currency back to ledger currency converting doubly or not at all

  • Fixed opening entry with custom currency would default to the ledger’s currency

  • Fixed not being able to toggle between accounts when transfering, and ledger only has two accounts.

  • Fixed crash occuring when reimbursing an account

  • Fixed a crash when the app would transition between light and dark modes and recurring view is visible.

  • Fixed a crash when changing the timeline interval too quickly or too often for very large data sets.

  • Fixed account number validation for the Account editor

  • Fixed opening entry editor showing the incorrect last used account and category by default

  • Fixed category header overlapping the entry input after changing categories

  • Fixed a crash occurring when selecting dates for CSV exports

  • Fixed selection of items after duplication/deletion