January 2024 Release

Jan 15, 2024

The January release brings improvements and bug fixes to both the iOS and mac apps.

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Natural Language Input

Pockity v2024.1 is the first release to bring natural language input for creating expense entries.

This significantly speeds up creating expense entries in the moment, on your Mac and iOS devices. NLP Input isn’t supported for all locales yet, and I’ll be working on adding support for more locales this year. You can follow the progress here.

I’ve added some tips about creating new entries using the NLP input to the FAQ here.


Pockity for iOS’ interface for creating new expense entry showcasing the new Natural Language input field

On iOS, tap on New Entry and you can immediately begin typing details of your expense. Prefixing digits with + will begin assigning an account, and using the / prefix will assign a category, as you type.


Pockity for macOS’ interface for creating new expense entry showcasing the new Natural Language input field

On macOS, long click on the + toolbar button to bring up the NLP popover. Similar to iOS, you can begin typing in details of your expense.

All of this is powered by CoreML, and is processed by the neural engine on supported devices (iOS & iPadOS devices and M-series Macs) and the CPU + GPU on Intel Macs.

As usual, in accordance with Pockity’s strict privacy policy, none of this data leaves your device, it’s all processed on device, and entries only synced via iCloud when enabled on the device.

I plan to bring several more improvements to these interfaces, to further speed up, and simplify, adding expenses to your ledgers.

  • New App Shortcut: New Entry: create entries directly from shortcuts, or by voice input, or by chaining inputs from automations.
  • You can now archive ledgers. Archived ledgers prevent all further actions on entries created in them. You can always unarchive such ledgers.
  • Categories can be assigned custom colours
  • Recurring widgets now enable optionally configuring a ledger to only view items from that ledger. Widgets without a ledger configured will show items across all ledgers.


  • Removed budgets from Reimbursements category (not applicable)
  • iOS: tapping on “setup budget” now focuses the budget field


  • macOS: Fixed not being able to delete drafts using the Delete keybinding
  • iOS: Fixed drafts not showing the context menu on long press
  • iOS: Fixed tapping on “setup budget” not functioning
  • Fixed Recurring widgets not showing items unless a ledger was selected.