February 2024-1 Release

Feb 25, 2024

The February v2024.2.1 release brings improvements and bug fixes to both the iOS and mac apps.

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The following improvements are available for both iPadOS and macOS

  • Improved rendering performance of the sankey chart

  • New layout options for the sankey chart including

    • Alignment
    • Show/Hide zero value nodes
    • Interactivity
    • Inter-node padding

These preferences are remembered on a per ledger basis.

The alignment option has four values:

Jutified (Default)

Sankey charts on macOS with the justified alignment


Sankey charts on macOS with the left alignment


Sankey charts on macOS with the center alignment Sankey charts on macOS with the right alignment


  • Multiple bug fixes for the sankey charts module

  • Fixed same account appearing twice (or more!) in sankey charts

  • Fixed sankey chart alignment of nodes being incorrect in some cases

  • Fixed recurring entries, with custom currencies assigned, using the base currency when creating new entries. The app will now correctly use the latest foreign exchange rates when creating such entries.

  • macOS: Dates can now be edited on reimbursement entries