Privacy Policy

Pockity has a very simple privacy policy.

TLDR; I take your privacy very seriously. Your data stays with you and is synced over iCloud when available. Backups of your data stay on your devices. None of it is shared without your explict action.

Pockity does not collect any data from you. All data entered by you in the app is stored on your device.

Pockity will sync your data to iCloud if it is enabled for the app.

Pockity collects crash reports in an anonmyous manner, where no personally identifiable information is attached to crash reports. User tokens for such crash reports are randomized at runtime to avoid fingerprinting.

Similarly, Pockity uses RevenueCat for processing In-App Purchases, but tokens are also randomized for this purpose to avoid fingerprinting.

If you email me through the app or using the support link, your Email ID will become available to me, but this is not processed in any way and not shared with third party vendors, or added to any mailing lists.

Emails sent through the app will contain app logs and additional information, which is purely used for tracing issues. Neither of these include personally identifiable information.

You may view Apple’s Privacy Policy for iCloud related policies.

If you have any questions about Pockity’s Privacy Policy, please reach out to me at