Pockity+ for Families

May 5, 2023

Hello planners, you can now share Pockity+ with your Family 🎉

This is a new separate purchase type added to the app, and with a single purchase, you can get Pockity+ for yourself and all members of your family added under your Apple ID.

If you have already purchased Pockity+, you’ll see a Pockity+ for Family upgrade which is of the equivalent price of the full bundle. This is only there in-case you need to upgrade now or in the future.

You can download the update from the App Store

With the release of Pockity+ for Family, and Shared Ledgers, Pockity is now an excellent choice for budgeting & tracking expenses together with your family. It’s never been easier.

If you’re interested in the other release notes for v2023.5.0, head over to its release notes page.