September 2023.x Releases

Sep 26, 2023

Apple released macOS 14: Sonoma earlier today, and Pockity v2023.8.0 - v2023.8.2 brings stable support for the app on macOS 14.

Two additional releases were released after v2023.8.0, containing the following fixes and improvements:


  • widgets and complications are now reloaded less fequently, and update more reliably

  • watchOS: improved layout/drawing for recurring and categories lists

  • watchOS: improved sorting of recurring events based on their next dates

  • iOS: improved connectivity to the watch app

  • shows recurring detail correctly after tapping on upcoming expenses widget


  • fixed a rare crash that would occur when validating entries

  • iOS: fixed some minor bugs when opening the entry editor after the initial setup

  • watchOS: fixed some crashes when creating a new entry

  • watchOS: Fixed budget complication incorrect text label

  • iOS: fixed recurrring detail view not scrolling when viewing past transactions

  • macOS: fixed Purchases tab incorrectly showing Family plan purchased for users who had purchased the family upgrade plan on iOS instead.

  • macOS: fixed a crash in the timeline view

A troubling incident also came to light: a few users were purchasing Pockity+ or the respective family plans, and then immediately requesting refunds within the day from Apple.

This would be normal in most cases, but the 24-hour time period struck me odd. Upon investigating, I realised a bug in Pockity’s purchases code which resulted in such refunds to continue granting access to Pockity+ features access to such installations.

This has since been patched, and this hack will no longer work.

This bug is separate from the one outlined in the fixes list for macOS.